28 Oct 2016

Ballscrew repair
effective dental hygiene

Did you know that without the humble but effective ballscrew, you might not be able to brush your teeth? Ball screws don’t have a lot to do with teeth, but they are used in the manufacture of toothpaste, as well as in part of the supply chain for pretty much all of the products you buy, and rely on, in the 21st Century. Here’s why…

Ballscrew is a mechanical device which does the job of converting revolving motion to low-friction linear (sideways) motion. Though rarely visible, they are ubiquitous in the robotsmachine tools, and precision assembly devices used to manufacture consumer goods, as well as in the trucks, boats/ships, trains, and aircraft used to transport them.

The ballscrew assembly comprises of a screw and a nut, each with matching helical grooves, and balls which roll between these grooves providing the only contact between the nut and the screw. As the screw or nut turns, the balls are deflected by the deflector into the ball return system of the nut and they travel through the return system to the opposite end of the ball nut in a continuous path. The balls then leave from the ball return system into the ball screw and nut thread raceways continuously to recirculate in a closed circuit.  Find out more here about ball screws here and more about its work here.

Toothpaste is produced by a machine which uses a ballscrew or even a few. Big ones.

machine using ball screws- american ball screw repair

Even though you cannot see it, somewhere deep in this machinery there is a ball screw that allows the machine to work, by converting rotary action from the motor into the linear action the machine needs in order to perform certain tasks.

If you’re responsible for maintaining a machine like this, and your hard-working ball screw fails, there will be no toothpaste.

American Ball Screw Repair fixes ball screws for big manufacturers which provide you with things like toothpaste. Here at American Ball Screw Repair, we know hardly anything about dentistry, but we do provide a service that helps to keep your teeth healthy.

You’re welcome.