Ball Screw Shipping

Free return shipping is especially valuable to our customers west of the Mississippi because of the distances involved – only having to pay one-way makes shipping to American Ball Screw Repair in Cleveland, Tennessee, more cost effective.

The following US destinations qualify for FREE Return Shipping from American Ball Screw Repair.

Requirements for Free Shipping:
Your ball screw must fit in a box or tube that isthe size & weight requirements for UPS Ground in order to qualify for free shipping.

Maximum Weight Maximum Length Max Length + Girth
150 lbs 108 inches 165 inches
(70 kg) (270 cm) (419 cm)
American Ball Screw Van for Ball Screw Repair Services

Alabama      AL.
Arizona      AZ.
Arkansas      AR.
California      CA.
Colorado      CO .
Connecticut      CT.
Delaware      DE.
Florida      FL.
Georgia      GA.
Idaho      ID.
Illinois      IL.
Indiana      IN.

Iowa      IA.
Kansas      KS.
Kentucky      KY.
Louisiana      LA.
Maine      ME.
Maryland      MD.
Massachusetts      MA.
Michigan      MI.
Minnesota      MN.
Mississippi      MS.
Missouri      MO.
Montana      MT.

Nebraska      NE.
Nevada      NV.
New Hampshire      NH.

New Jersey      NJ.
New Mexico      NM.
New York      NY.
North Carolina      NC.
North Dakota      ND.
Ohio      OH.
Oklahoma      OK.
Oregon      OR.
Pennsylvania      PA.

Rhode Island      RI.
South Carolina      SC.
South Dakota      SD.
Tennessee      TN.
Texas      TX.
Utah      UT.
Vermont      VT.
Virginia      VA.
Washington      WA.
West Virginia      WV.
Wisconsin      WI.
Wyoming      WY.


Standard: Within 7 days / Express: 48 hours

We understand how important it is for you to have your machines up and running. American Ball Screw Repair specialize in fast turnaround time and can have your machine back in full working order and making you money again in double quick time.

American Ball Screw Repair offer a number of different service speeds to fit the urgency requirements of our large client base.

Our Standard Service offers a turnaround time of 7 days.  It does exactly what it says on the tin. Your ball screw will be returned to you fully reconditioned within 7 days.

Our Express Service offers a turnaround time of 48 hours for clients who simply cannot afford 7 days downtime.  Rest assured that despite the incredible speed of our Express service the quality of your ball screw repair will be still be second to none and with no loss in accuracy.

American Ball Screw Repair even offer an Emergency Weekend Service as part of our Express Service whereby we receive your ball screw on Saturday morning and ship it back to you on Monday morning.

We always make sure our clients are fully aware of the cost and shipping dates associated with their chosen service before commencing any repairs.

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