Ball screw repair process

We offer repair and ball screw rebuild for any type of ball screw and won’t repair unless we can guarantee you a better product at the end!

Ball Screw RepairBall screw failure is most often caused by the gradual degradation of the ball screw surface through metal to metal contact of the re-circulating balls to the hardened metal surface of the ball screw shaft.

Another possible cause could be a machine crash where the abrupt excessive load and rapid deceleration can cause buckling of the ball screw shaft and damage to the ball nut itself, including splitting some of the re-circulating balls within the ball nut.

Whatever the cause, our highly skilled craftsmen have 25 years worth of experience in rebuilding ball screws and ball screw repair process with super fine surface finishes and quality components for long life. They are individually preloaded to give the highest possible positioning accuracy. They look and perform as they did when new.

We will only repair your ball screw unit if we know that you will gain a cost and/or time saving by doing so when compared to buying new. Generally a repair is the best option but if not we will tell you immediately.

Correct ball size and quality is critical to achieve superior positioning accuracy, repeatability, and long ball screw life. If the ball size is incorrect a ball screw will never achieve its designed positioning potential. If the material hardness, spherical accuracy, or surface finish is incorrect the wear characteristics of the ball screw will be seriously compromised.

In our Ball Screw Repair process we only use balls of equal or better quality than were installed by the original ball screw manufacturer. Some of our competitors are satisfied to install the minimum quality Grade 25 chrome steel balls that are cheaper and more easily obtained in multiple sizes than high quality balls. We, however, predominantly use Grade 10 for balls 0.1 inch to 0.375 inch in diameter, Grade 5 for balls less than 0.1 inch, and only use Grade 25 for balls over 0.375 inch diameter because this grade is only accurate enough for the larger size balls.Ball Screw Repair

We stock almost every size of ball in at least 0.000050 inch (50 millionths) increments, which be believe is absolutely necessary to be able to recondition all types and sizes of ballscrew correctly with a quick turnaround. To stock hundreds of ball sizes of predominantly Grade 10 quality is beyond all but the most reputable and committed companies.

American Ball Screw Repair have years of experience repairing all brands of ball screw – Domestic or Foreign. Some of the main Ball Screw Manufacturers are listed below, followed by some of the main Machine Tool Manufacturers whose machinery utilizes ball screw positioning linear motion systems.

It’s important to note though that we also recondition unique special purpose ball screws and units that are no longer in production.

And we don’t proceed with our ball screw repair process unless we can guarantee you a better product at the end!

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Ball Screw Manufacturers

Barnes Ball Screws
BS&A Ballscrews
Jena-Tec Ball Screws
Korta Ball Screw Co.
Koyo Ballscrew Company
Danaher Ball Screws
DSP Ballscrews
HBC (Ho Fong) Ball Screws
Hiwin Ball Screw Co.
ISEL Ball Screws
Kuroda Ball Screw Company

Nook Ball Screws
NSK Ball Screws
NTN Ball Screw Company
Roton Ball Screws
Scaravella Ball Screw Company
Schneeberger Ball Screw Co
SKF Ball Screws
SMI Ball Screw Co.
PGM Ball Screw Co.
Rexroth Ball Screws
Star Ball Screw Company

Steinmeyer Ball Screw Co.
Tami Ballscrew Company
Twentieth (20th) Century Ballscrews
Tsubaki Ball Screw Co.
Umbra Ballscrews
Techno Ball Screws
THK Ball Screws
Thomson Saginaw Ball Screws
Thread Craft Ball Screw Company
Wedin Ball Screws

Machine Tool Manufacturers

American Lathe
Browne & Sharpe
Cincinnati Milacron
Giddings & Lewis

Kearney & Trecker
Jones & Lamson
LeBlond Makino
Lodge & Shipley

Pratt & Whitney
SMT Swedturn
Tree Machine
Warner & Swasey
W.A. Whitney
SMT Pullmax